How to write a thesis?

Learn to write the section of acknowledgments in a thesis to recognize the support of those who collaborated in some way with your work

In your academic life you will have to write more than one thesis, mainly the final degree that will give you access to the title.

One of the sections of this thesis will be the acknowledgments in which you will mention the people who have contributed to your thesis.

We tell you how to write this section successfully

To elaborate a thesis of degree is a personal merit due to the degree of commitment, responsibility, discipline, sacrifice and investigation that it requires. However, the author is not the only person involved with the final product since it requires a tutor to guide the process, eventual sponsors to finance the project, the contribution of other researchers and even family support that allows you to develop your maximum potential .

For these reasons, it is important to thank all the people or institutions that in one way or another collaborated with your thesis. Learn how to write these thanks following our advice.

Why write acknowledgments in a final degree project

They allow to visualize the essence of the author and his personal experience through the chosen words to express the thanks for the support that was offered in this particular moment.

They give an overview of what it meant to work, because it shows all the parties involved and the role of each to achieve the final product.

Usually we thank people or institutions that granted financing for the project, tutors, other researchers who have shared with you relevant information, editors, correctors, close friends and family members.

Each party involved will occupy a paragraph that will be concrete but will demonstrate the importance of that person or institution in the preparation of your thesis.

Structure of the acknowledgments in a thesis

# 1 It begins with the collaborators that require a greater degree of formality, such as the sponsors, until they reach a more decontracted language, to recognize the support of family and close friends.

# 2 This hierarchy by degree of formality generally corresponds to the relevance of the parties in your project, because the support of the closest people is usually the most important to develop successfully.

# 3 Try to choose the right words as if you were offering a personalized gift to express your thanks in the thesis.

# 4 Appreciate with impetus those who you think deserve greater recognition for having collaborated in your thesis directly through money, or indirectly helping you to manage the stress you went through while developing the work that will lead you, nothing more and nothing less, than to obtain your title.

The role of tutors in recognizing your thesis

Supervisors tend to want to dominate the role because they are the people directly involved with your thesis, however, it may happen that your family or friends have been a bigger support for you. Be honest with your thanks and give each participant the place you think he deserves.

It is fundamental that the tutors correct the acknowledgments objectively and leaning towards the structure and the language used, instead of focusing on the relevance of the people and institutions included and on the feelings expressed for each of them, which corresponds to you.

The choice to recognize the parties involved in your thesis

Recognitions strengthen the academic authority of the author and generate credibility in the information he facilitated in his work, because it works as an argument to show how the data was obtained and in what climate it was worked. Whether writing the acknowledgments in a requirement at your university or not, do not miss the opportunity to express your gratitude and humanize your thesis to achieve a greater impact, as well as a comprehensive view of the relevance it has for you .